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Fitur-Fitur Utama di Setiap Produk WatchGuard


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WatchGuard Dimension is a tool designed to make life easier for security professionals, so they can more quickly distill key information and security data into actionable policy creation.” – [Frost & Sullivan]

Dengan mengintegrasikan teknologi security terbaik yang ada ke dalam paten platform-nya, engineer WatchGuard dapat fokus dalam memajukan teknologi sesuai-tujuan yang akan memecahkan seluruh problem security yang nyata. Seperti, bagaimana menghantarkan data lewat jalur yang drives-understanding dan menciptakan actionable-intelligence.

Fitur-Fitur Unggulan Produk WatchGuard

Dalam setiap produk WatchGuard, terdapat fitur-fitur utama berikut ini:

Security Capabilities

  • Stateful packet firewall, deep application inspection, application proxies: HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, FTP, DNS, TCP, POP3
  • Blocks spyware, DoS attacks, fragmented packets, malformed packets, blended threats and more
  • Protocol anomaly detection, behavior analysis, pattern matching
  • Static and dynamic blocked sources list
  • VoIP: H.323 and SIP, call setup and session security

Logging & Reporting with WatchGuard Dimension

  • Real-time multi-appliance log aggregation and reporting
  • Public & private cloud-ready
  • Visibility at a glance with intuitive and interactive visualizations
  • Spot trends, outliers and insights about network traffic and usage
  • Over 70 reports including reports for PCI and HIPAA compliance
  • Option to deliver reports (PDF, CSV) via email

Management Software

WatchGuard appliances can be managed with any of the following:

  • Dimension Command for interactive real-time management of multiple appliances via web browser
  • Web UI for managing single appliance via web browser
  • WatchGuard System Manager for intuitive management of appliances via Windows client
  • Command line interface (CLI) for direct access via scripting
  • Simplified configuration and deployment with RapidDeploy

User Authentication

  • Transparent Active Directory Authentication (single sign-on)
  • RADIUS, LDAP, Secure LDAP, Windows Active Directory
  • RSA SecurID and VASCO
  • Local database
  • 802.1X for wireless appliances (XTM 25-W, 26-W, 33-W)
  • Microsoft Terminal Services and Citrix XenApp environments supported

Support and Maintenance

  • 24×7 Support and Gold Support are available as purchase options for Firebox and XTM models M200 and higher
  • 24×7 Support is incuded in all NGFW Suites, and in UTM Suites for models M200 and higher
  • Remote Installation Services for comprehensive assistance with initial setup, configuration, VPN installation
  • Premium 4-Hour Hardware Replacement to ensure maximum uptime (not available in all regions)

Dapatkan seluruh keunggulan yang dimiliki oleh produk Network Security milik WatchGuard, dan rasakan perbedaannya saat implementasi dilakukan dalam infrastruktur security di perusahaan Anda. Hubungi Platinum Computer segera untuk mendapatkan informasi harga dan ketersediaan unit yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan Anda. Dapatkan pula konsultasi gratis untuk proses implementasi WatchGuard dalam infrastuktur yang telah existing. Hubungi kami disini.