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Data Center Cooling Solutions

Schneider Electric row based cooling solutions are designed to be closely coupled with the IT heat load in order to prevent hot air.

Uniflair’s Precision air-conditioning products are equipped with unique “intelligent” features offering maximum reliability, efficiency, precision and due respect for the environment.

Customer Challenges

  • Growing pains make it difficult for customers to add on to their cooling needs
  • Future proofing downtime
  • Achieving efficiencies while cooling high density heat loads to ensure 7×24 Data Center availability
  • High Density
  • Higher Blades (Virtualization)

Target Applications & Environments

The Wiring Closet and Server Room are the fastest growing and rapidly changing environments. New applications and virtual platforms continually challenge IT managers to match their infrastructure to their growing business needs.

The Data Center, which is on a constant path towards gaining efficiencies, continues to be a focus for better suited cooling.


Why is APC the right choice?

  • Proven Reliability. Install base in the millions
  • Global provider of air distribution, portable cooling, row based cooling and perimeter air conditioning for all IT equipment cooling needs
  • Scalable solutions range from 1 to 30 kW per rack
  • Improved efficiency and reduced operating costs through the use of variable speed fans, intelligent controls, and capacity modulation
  • Intelligent monitoring and dynamic controls system to adjust to fluctuating IT heat loads and airflow requirements
  • Ease of use with integrated management for multiple platforms



Room Cooling

APC Uniflaire Airflow Configuration

Portable to perimeter cooling and air distribution for flexible room level control.

  • Offers flexible cooling solution perlect for lower density racked and non-racked IT loads
  • Cost effective solution to provide ventilation and easily address lower density heat problems
  • Portable self-contained units (for dedicated cooling requirement)
  • Available to address virtuality and sized IT environment
  • TCO: Offers the smallest footprint with the highest capacities, while running 10% more efficiently than traditional, belt-driven perimeter units

Uniflair precision air-conditioning for mobile telecommunication

APC Schneider Uniflair WM Precision Air Conditioning OutdoorAPC Schneider Uniflair MB Precision Air Conditioning IndoorAPC Schneider Uniflair US Precision Air Conditioning Indoor
SeriesUniflaire VMUniflaire MBUniflaire US
Cooling Capacity (kW)5-175-134-14
TypeDown FlowDirect Expansion
Power Supply (V/ph/Hz)230/1/50 – 400/3+N/50
Air Flow ConfigurationDownflowCeiling-mounted
ConfigurationDirect free-cooling / Cooling only with or without heating
Type of compressorScroll**

**Refrigerant type R407C



Row Cooling

Row Cooling Products InRow APC Schneider Electric

Energy efficient cooling from low to high density racks and zones.

  • Increasing efficiency, predictability and capacity with thermal containment
  • Flexible: can easily adapt in both new and existing data center environments
  • Energy Efficient: Offer a 30% increase in efficiency over traditional cooling architectures
  • Easy to Service: Row based units allow for all serviceable components to be replaced/maintained in hot or cold aisles.
  • Modular: Simplify replacement and reduced mean time to repair


Row Cooling Products

InRow Chilled Water

Close-coupled, chilled water cooling for medium to large data centers

InRow Direct Expansion

Close-coupled, water and glycol cooling for closets, server rooms and data centers

APC Schneider InRow RC Chilled Water Row Cooling 30KWAPC Schneider InRow RC Chilled Water Row Cooling 60KWAPC Schneider InRow RP Chilled Water Row Cooling 60KWAPC Schneider InRow SC Direct Expansion Row Cooling 5KWAPC Schneider InRow RD Direct Expansion Row Cooling 10KW
InRow RCInRow RPInRow SCInRow RD
Up to 30kWUp to 60kWUp to 5kWUp to 10kW
Chilled WaterSelf-containedAir/Fluid-cooled
Hot Swappable FansHumidity ControlHot Swappable Fans
Active Response Control
Network Manageable
Real-time Capacity Monitoring
Variable Speed Fans



Rack Cooling

Rack Side Air Distribution Unit APC Schneider Electric

Dedicated cooling and air distribution for single racks or hot spots.

  • Allows cooling capacity and redudancy to be targeted to the actual needs of a specific rack
  • Offers a complete line of air distribution products as well as a series of completely contained, rack, integrated cooling products
  • Rack mounted air distribution solve inadequate air distribution problems within a rack enclosure
  • InRow SC systems combine in InRow Cooling and Rack Air Containment offers flexible, easily deployable solution for almost any environment
  • Elimination of hot spots within the room
  • Optimize capital investment and available space
  • Ensure stale inlet temperatures to IT equipment at all levels of the rack

Rack Cooling Products

Rack Air Distribution

Air distribution for power dense enclosures and low pressure areas

InRack Direct Expansion Rack integrated cooling system for environmentally controlled spaces
Rack Air Distribution UnitRack Side Air Distribution UnitRack Air Removal UnitInRow SC System
Up to 1.5kW of air distributionUp to 1.5kW of air distributionUp to 16.5kW of heat removalUp to 7kW of cooling
Fault-tolerant Fan SystemActive Response Control
Fan Control SwitchVariable Speed Fans
Raised Floor DuctTurning VaneNetwork Manageable
Dual A-B Power InputsHot Swappable Fans
Zero White Space SolutionZero White Space SolutionZero U DesignReal Time Capacity Monitoring
Ducted Exhaust



Precision Air-Conditioning and Technical Chiller

Cooling: an extensive high-precision range

With its unrivaled extensive range of cooling units, chillers and precision air-contioners, Schneider Electric provides the capability to integrate high-precision equipment specifically adapted to keep your critical applications running whatever the environmental conditions.

Aquaflair technical chillers

 APC Schneider Aquaflair AC 6-40 kW LRAAPC Schneider Aquaflair Chillers AC ERA ERC ISA ISCAPC Schneider Aquaflair Chillers AC ERA ERC ISA ISC APC Schneider Aquaflair Chillers ARA
Small/Medium applicationsMedium applications
Cooling Capacity range [kW]6-4050-11060-120120-260
Power Supply [V/ph/Hz]230/1/50


Heat pump
Free cooling
Type of compressorScroll SingleScroll Single/ TandemVSD Scroll TandemScroll Tandem
Refrigerant typeR410AR407C
InstallationOutdoorOutdoor (ERA)Outdoor (ISA)Outdoor
Indoor (ERC)Indoor (ISC)


APC Schneider Aquaflair Chillers BRE 400 1200 kWAPC Schneider Aquaflair Chillers BCE 300 1100 kWAPC Schneider Aquaflair Chillers BCWC 300 1300 kW
Large applications
Cooling Capacity range [kW]400-1200300-1100300-1300
Power Supply [V/ph/Hz]400/3/50
Type of compressorDouble Screw SingleOil-free centrifugal compressors Single
Refrigerant typeR134a