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Dell EMC VxFlex – HCI (Hyperconverged Infrastructure)

Gambar Server Dell EMC VxFlex - Support HCI Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Dell EMC VxFlex integrated systems deliver maximum scalability and business agility, enabling companies to start small and grow in flexible, discrete increments. Based on the industry’s #1 PowerEdge servers1, VxFlex supports: multi-hypervisor and bare metal environments; two-layer, HCI and storage-only architectures; and high performance applications and databases.

Explore Dell VxFlex Products
1. VxFlex appliance
Pre-configured and validated for fast, easy deployment, VxFlex appliance offers a turnkey experience in an economic form factor. With VxFlex appliance, customers benefit from a smaller starting point, with massive scale potential, without having to compromise on performance and resiliency.
– Flexible starting point
– Simplified deployment
– Bring your own compatible networking

2. VxFlex integrated rack
VxFlex integrated rack (formerly VxRack FLEX) is a rack-scale engineered system, with integrated networking, that provides linear scalability and enterprise-grade availability. VxFlex integrated rack is engineered, manufactured, managed, supported, and sustained as one system for single end-to-end lifecycle support.
– Fully integrated rack-scale fabric
– Lifecycle management and ease of upgrade
– White glove deployment experience

Transformation without tradeoffs
VxFlex integrated systems create a flexible, open and heterogeneous foundation for meeting the demanding and evolving business needs of the modern data center. VxFlex creates a server-based SAN by combining virtualization software, known as VxFlex OS, with Dell EMC PowerEdge servers to deliver extreme performance, resiliency and capacity on demand.

VxFlex appliance and integrated rack exhibit balanced and predictable behavior, allows for varying performance and capacity ratios, decouples the scalability of compute and storage resources, and can scale enormously and non-disruptively.

This architecture enables you to scale from just a few nodes to over a thousand nodes. In addition, VxFlex provides millions of IOPS at consistent sub-millisecond response times, enterprise-grade data protection and multitenant capabilities.
– Agility: Quickly deploy VxFlex integrated systems for 6x faster time-to-value. Avoid application and operational silos and rapidly respond to changing business requirements.
– Flexibility: VxFlex allows you to design and implement software-defined data centers based on your applications, budget, and growth demands. Add units incrementally and adjust compute and storage resources linearly or independently based on your business needs.
– Simplicity: VxFlex Manager is the management and operations software that simplifies and unifies the management of VxFlex integrated systems making it easier to implement, consume and manage resources.

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