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HP R7KVA 4U IEC-32A High Voltage INTL Uninterruptible Power System(AF463A)

Does your power protection strategy need to meet the same high standards as your IT hardware? HP Rack-mountable Uninterruptable Power Systems focus on the three critical areas for uninterruptable power in dense data center environments: power density, superior battery management and serviceability.
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Combining unity rating with more true wattage in smaller form factors, the HP Rack-mountable UPS is highly dense.
The On-line On Demand hybrid technology optimizes efficiency and heat output during general operation.
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All HP Rack-mountable UPSs ship with the free HP Power Protector Software that incorporates Enhanced Battery Management, an exclusive patented technology that doubles battery service life, which lowers your costs.Hot-swappable batteries and intelligent automatic bypass for continuous power improve serviceability.
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Power Density, Battery Management and Serviceability

HP Rack-mountable Uninterruptable Power Systems provide up to 12,000 watts (W) of power in a 6-U rack form factor. This equates to 2 KW per U space, which leads the industry in power density.
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HP Rack-mountable UPSs offer the ability to automatically correct for over/under voltages protecting valuable equipment
The HP Rack-mountable Uninterruptable Power Systems incorporate Enhanced Battery Management: an exclusive, patented technology that doubles battery service life, extends battery recharge time, and provides advance notice of pending battery failure
HP Rack-mountable Uninterruptable Power Systems Enhanced Battery Management, gives you a lower total cost of ownership by receiving the best in the industry protection for your critical equipment
HP Rack-mountable Uninterruptable Power Systems have a uniquely designed architecture, consisting of separate, hot swappable battery and electronics modules. The built-in intelligent automatic bypass feature offers continuous power to the connected load even if the modules are being replaced.

Enhanced System Flexibility with HP Option Cards

Enhanced System Flexibility with HP Option Cards: The UPS R3000 XR models are equipped with a standard serial communications port via an internal slot. This option slot supports two option cards, the Six Port Card and the SNMP / Serial Port Card. These option cards seamlessly integrate into the back of the R3000 XR and provide increased system flexibility.
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Specification HP R7KVA 4U IEC-32A High Voltage INTL UPS(AF463A)

Electrical input connection

(Single) IEC 60309 332P6

Electrical output connections

(6) IEC 60320 C19; (2) IEC 60309 332P6

Communications serial ports

HP UPS Network Module included

Load segments


Battery type

Maintenance-free, sealed, valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA)

Hot-swap batteries



HP Power Protector



Product dimensions (W x D x H)

43.7 x 73.4 x 17.2 cm


Three-year warranty, with the first year including parts and labor


75 kg

What’s Included

(1) HP UPS R7000 XR

(1) HP UPS Network Module

(1) Power Products Documentation CD

Depth adjustable fixed rack mounting rails

mounting brackets

cord retention clips

(2) PDU Stick (7x C13 each)




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