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MIKROTIK RB450G RB450G The RB450G is a five port Gigabit ethernet router. Comparing to the RB450, the RB450G not only adds Gigabit speed capability, but also 256Mb of RAM, a faster CPU and a microSD card slot for file storage. The device is powered by a fast AR7161...


MIKROTIK RB750GL RB750GL The RB750GL is a small SOHO router in a white plastic case. It has five independent Gigabit Ethernet ports and optional switch chip functionality for wire speed Gigabit throughput. It’s probably the most affordable MPLS capable Gigabit router...

MIKROTIK Wireless Indoor (RB433)

MIKROTIK Wireless Indoor (RB433) Routerboard RB433 dengan spesifikasi teknis 300MHz Atheros CPU, 64MB DDR RAM, 64MB NAND Storage.  Routerboard RB433 dengan RouterOS (Level 4 CF) dalam kemasan kotak indoor yang ringkas, dengan 3 (tiga) buah port ethernet 10/100 dan...


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