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Gambar StruxureWare

Struxureware For Data Center

End to end Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software for monitoring, control of power, cooling, security and energy usage from building through IT systems.

– Patended 3D cooling technology for locating hot spots and indentifying excessive cooling.
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– Virtualization capabilities through integrations with VMWare vSphere and Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager.
– One integrated system bridging the gap between facilities and IT
– A network management tool offering support for incomplete routes and patch panel to patch panel mapping.
– Plug and Play data center key performance indicators on web and smart phone dashboards.
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– Real time data embedded in intelligent data center model.
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– Leading DCIM platform recognized by the analyst community.

StruxureWare Operations: Insight
Comprehensive tool for customizing report designs to visualize data. (Best for space optimization)

StruxureWare Operations: VIZOR
View high level values of data center utilization on the go.

StruxureWare Operations: Change
Fully integrated workflow management for your IT physical infrastructure.

StruxureWare Operations for Data Centers: Operations Suite
Asset management and documentation of data center operations through inventory management.

StruxureWare Operations: Energy Efficiency
Intelligent PUE/DCiE analytics at subsystem level

3D Airflow
Part of StruxureWare Operations: Capacity for Data Centers

StruxureWare Operations: Dashboard
Live overview of data center operations using widgets and data sets

StruxureWare Operations: Mobile
Wireless operatio of your data center

StruxureWare Operations: Capacity
Simulation, planning, and optimization of infrastructure capacities to right-size the data center

StruxureWare Operations: Energy Cost
Instant overview of rack energy usage