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jual UPS Vertiv Liebert ITA2 10kVA 1201737

Jual UPS Vertiv Liebert ITA2 10kVA 1201737

Liebert ITA2 10KVA/10KW UPS 230V/400V LCD long backup model (no battery), 2U (adjustable to 1x1phase I/O and 3×1 phase I/O) (no battery), (PN battery 2010024 is required min. 2 units batteries); able to extend runtime battery (Optional: rail kit untuk mounting ke Rack Server, (PN: 2358960), each UPS & battery needs 1 unit rail kit)

Specifications UPS Vertiv Liebert ITA2 10kVA 1201737





Voltase Keluar

220/230/240 (1-phase)

Output frequency: 50/60

Overload capacity: At 25°C: 105% ~ 125%, 5min; 125% ~ 150%, 1min; 150%, 200ms

Voltage harmonic distortion(%) : <2% for Linear loads & <5% for Non-linear loads

Berat Produk

15 Kg

Voltase Masuk

220/230/240VAC 1-Phase, 2Wire

176-288VAC at full load;
100-176VAC at linear derating; 100VAC at half load

Input frequency: 50/60

Input frequency range: 40-70

Power factor: 0.99

Daya Keluar


Back-Up Time Full Load

4 minutes

Form Factor

2U Rackmount


Efficiency: Up to 95.8%

Battery Charger max. power (A): 8A (Long back-up model)

DC Bus Voltage: 140-240VDC

Dimensi Produk

430 x 500 x 85 mm (W x D x H)

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