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ACER Projector K520

ACER Projector K520 Crystal clear in any room With projection this crisp and bright, even your most complex concepts will be easily grasped by associates, clients or students. The power of your ideas will shine through with the high resolution and brilliant color of...

ACER Projector P1223

ACER Projector P1223 Whether you’re projecting business presentations, academic lectures, photographs, movies or even games, draw your audience in with the immersiveness of 3D. Colors remain balanced and images accurate with advanced Acer technologies....

ACER Projector Portable K135

ACER Projector Portable K135 Acer kembali berinovasi dengan memperkenalkan proyektor Acer K135. Kelebihan dari proyektor ini terlihat jelas dari bentuk fisiknya yang kecil, simple, dan ringan. Namun dalam bentuknya yang kecil itu tersimpan kemampuan tinggi karena Acer...


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