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  • Sangfor HCI Data Sheet – Appliance Based

ModelaServer-1800aServer-2100aServer-2105aServer-2205aServer-2305Configuration Remark
Height2U2U2U2U2UCPU is not expandable (C stands for Core and T stands for Thread)
CPU ModelIntel® Xeon® Silver 4210RIntel® Xeon® Silver 4210RIntel® Xeon® Silver 4210RIntel® Xeon® Gold 6226RIntel® Xeon® Gold 5220R
No. of CPU12222
CPU Specs10C20T 2.4GHZ10C20T 2.4GHZ10C20T 2.4GHZ16C32T 2.9GHZ24C48T 2.2GHZ
Standard Memory64G (2*32)128G (4*32)128G (4*32)128G (4*32)128G (4*32)Epandable with 32GB memory stripes
Memory Slot2424242424
Memory FrequencyDDR4 2666MHzDDR4 2666MHzDDR4 2666MHzDDR4 2666MHzDDR4 2666MHz
Max. Memory384G768G768G768G768G
Disk Slot88121212
OS Disk (By default)1*128G SSD1*128G SSD2*128G SSD2*128G SSD2*128G SSDOS disks are installed on the dual-slot on the backplane of the server, all models are configured with RAID 1 except 2100
Cache Disk (SSD, mandatory for aSAN cache and tier-ing)OptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Data DiskOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Disk Slot Size3.5/2.5 inch3.5/2.5 inch3.5/2.5 inch3.5/2.5 inch3.5/2.5 inch
NIC Ports (Customizable)6*GE electrical6*GE electrical + 2*10GE optical6*GE electrical + 2*10GE optical6*GE electrical + 2*10GE optical6*GE electrical + 2*10GE optical
Working Power468W468W468W468W468W
Max. Power800W800W800W800W800W
Dimension (mm)800*448*90800*448*90800*448*90800*448*90800*446*90
Gross Weight (kg)4242454545
Net Weight (kg)3535373737
Power supply1+1 Platnium 800W [100-240VAC ] [240VDC ]1+1 Platnium 800W [100-240VAC ] [240VDC ]1+1 Platnium 800W [100-240VAC ] [240VDC ]1+1 Platnium 800W [100-240VAC ] [240VDC ]1+1 Platnium 800W [100-240VAC ] [240VDC ]
Total PCI-e Slots55555
Available PCI-e Slots23222PCI-E slot is used to expand NIC, HBA card or PCI-e SSD
Raid CardLSI SAS 3008-8iLSI SAS 3008-8iLSI SAS 3008-8iLSI SAS 3008-8iLSI SAS 3008-8i
Raid ModeJBOD/Raid 0/1/10JBOD/Raid 0/1/10JBOD/Raid 0/1/10JBOD/Raid 0/1/10JBOD/Raid 0/1/10
Cache on RAID CardNo cacheNo cacheNo cacheNo cacheNo cache
USB 2.022222
USB 3.022222
Working Temperature Range10-35°C10-35°C10-35°C10-35°C10-35°C
Working Humidity Range35-80% RH35-80% RH35-80% RH35-80% RH35-80% RH


    • Sangfor HCI Data Sheet – Software Based

Sangfor can also provide a software-only HCI solution compatible with most of the commodityservers commercially available on the market.

License (Per physical CPU)aSV (Server Virtualization)Server Virtualization, HA, DRS, Automated Hot Add, Backup, Clone, Sub Administrator, etc.
License (Per physical CPU)aNet (Network Virtualization)Network virtualization, Distributed Firewall, Drawable Topology, Visualized Network, aSwitch, aRouter, etc
License (Per physical CPU)aSAN (Storage Virtualization)2-3 Copies, SSD Read & Write Acceleration, Storage Tier-ing, Data Locality, etc

* NFV components on HCI may employ IPSec VPN techologies using encryption algorithms.
– IPSec Protocol: AH, ESP
– D-H Group: MODP768 Group(1), MODP1024 Group(2), MODP1536 Group(5)
– IPSec Authentication Algorithm: MD5, SHA-1. SHA-2, SM3
– IPSec Encryption Algorithm: DES, 3DES, AES-128, AES-256. SANGFOR_DES, SCB2, SM4


Sangfor HCI Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

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