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WellCAD – Rockware

WellCAD Rockware WellCAD is a Windows-based package for creating composite well logs. Prices for Single licenses including maintenance are listed below. The cost for a Floating (network) License please use a 1.5x multiplier. After the first year, Annual Maintenance...

Understanding Contouring – Rockware

Understanding Contouring Rockware A valuable book which covers both the “art” and the substance of contouring: hand and computer methods, estimation techniques, checking results, artifacts and pitfalls. License : 1. Understanding Contouring (book) The basis of...


SURFER 20 Rockware A powerful program for contour maps, base maps, shaded relief maps, and 3D surface maps. License : 1. Surfer Single License 2. Surfer Concurrent License 3. Surfer Single License Academic 4. Surfer Single License Maintenance 5. Surfer Concurrent...


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