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MapInfo Pro – GIS Mapping – Software Khusus Pemetaan

Location-based decisions: Explore, model and act with confidence.

Location adds complexity to many decisions, and mistakes are too expensive for a “trial and error” approach. With MapInfo Pro, customers can easily identify – and make better decisions on – people, places and patterns of interest.

Explore, model and act with confidence on site selection, asset management, demand generation and risk management/service resource allocation.

MapInfo Pro helps you create a model of your world so that you can simulate different alternatives to guide your actions.
– Explore
Gather information about key components, how they interact, and the metrics for success and failure.
– Model
Integrate data, maps, demographics and then leverage powerful querying and modeling tools to build and test much more quickly and inexpensively than a “trial and error” approach.
– Act
Act decisively and deliver maximal value. Visualize your data on a map with symbols, themes and labels to see patterns that would not be visible otherwise.

MapInfo Pro benefits :

1. “All in One” Solution
A full-featured desktop solution to prepare data for web mapping applications and create presentation quality maps in a familiar environment that combines data analysis, visual insights, and map publishing.
2. MapInfo Marketplace
Enhance your location analytics with the MapInfo Marketplace. Bring analytics to life and solve your specific business needs with customized apps that are released and updated continuously.
3. Team
MapInfo Pro supports the larger team of business experts, database experts, and developers who collaborate to deliver “self-serve” decision tools across the entire organization allowing location analysts to focus on special projects and creating templates for others to use.
4. Community
The MapInfo community is your professional peer group of location analysts who can provide ideas, tips and tricks, and help guide the future development of MapInfo Pro.

Related products and services :

1. MapInfo Pro v2019
Enhance your location analytics with expanded search and spatial analysis capabilities, map publishing tools and customized apps that are released and updated continuously. With MapInfo Pro v2019, bring analytics to life and solve your specific business needs better than ever before.

2. MapInfo Pro Advanced
Visualize and work with raster datasets of virtually unlimited size, without any performance penalty. With the transformative technology in MapInfo Pro v2019 Advanced, you’ll create quality visualizations and analyses in record time, while benefiting from all the capabilities of MapInfo Pro v2019.

3. MapInfo Pro Subscription and Support
With automatic upgrade notifications, award-winning tech support and value-added extras, our Subscription and Support will keep you performing at your best.

4. Spectrum Spatial™
Web mapping made easy: Access GIS insights using the intuitive web mapping and analytic capabilities in Spectrum Spatial™

Success stories :
– Primedia Outdoor
Primedia Outdoor uses Location Intelligence solutions to help clients visualize marketing plans.
– Orange Romania
Orange Romania broadens data access for greater operational visibility.
– GeoAssurance charts potential hazards for California home buyers.
GeoAssurance uses MapInfo Pro software to draw multiple map layers, each representing a single type of hazard near the parcel being examined.
– Community of Brindisi
Community of Brindisi modernizes mapping to preserve millennia-old architecture.

Resources :
– GeoEnrich your maps and analytics.
Visit our Software and Data Marketplace for access to more than 350+ datasets. Register today.
– Everything is addressable.
MapInfo Pro is one of many ways we help our clients understand the relationships between people, places and things. Learn more. menjual software mapinfo, software yang di jual mapinfo original dan hanya jual mapinfo asli. Platinum computer memberikan garansi bahwasanya mapinfo asli dan mapinfo original yang dijual. Jika tidak asli dan tidak original kami berikan garansi uang anda dikembalikan full / utuh.

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